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Get Your Message Across

It's no secret PowerPoints can get extremely dull and tedious. For too long, meetings and presentations have been dreaded by both the audience and the people giving them. COBA Creative can make even the most mundane data look exciting and interesting, just like your brand!

The Best Tools for the Job

We use Canva as it is more accessible than PowerPoint and often simpler for clients to use. You can even use your mobile phone as a remote! Match your brand and showcase your data more beautifully and clearly. PowerPoint & Google Slides available

Check Out Our Work

The Curse of the Homemade Website

Here’s a presentation we did while speaking at a networking event for Enterprise Made Simple. We managed to keep a room full of new business owners engaged while covering things to look out for if you decide to build your own website. Notice how the animations often relate to the information on-screen and just add a little bit of love and intrigue to otherwise quite “bland” and “nerdy” content.

Global Cannabinoid Solutions Service Deck

Chris from Global Cannabinoid Solutions came to us to add a bit of magic to his Service Deck, a simple presentation to inform his customers about the cannabis industry and showcase what GCS can provide.