prepare your business for expansion.

Keep The Leads Hot

"Remembering" your customers/prospects is essential to building relationships. A CRM puts all of your customer information in one place and allows to you get the most use out of it. Staff members can pick up right where the other left off and give a seamless experience.


Keep people engaged and make regular contact effortlessly. Send a "thank you" email when they buy a product, remind them about an appointment, inform them of an exclusive discount or even wish them a happy birthday without lifting a finger.

"Know" Your Customers

Track how customers and prospects are responding to your emails, which pages of your website they've visiting, even what they've bought and how much money they've spent. Every action keeps score and lets you know which are most likely to buy.

Stay Secure

Adhering to UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) is your top priority. Keeping sensitive data in a paper diary or scattered across multiple systems is a legal nightmare something goes wrong. Keep data secure and erase it all in one go when requested.